Corporate paralegals assist our senior attorney, Sumita Arora, with all types of employment-based visas for employees, executives, and investors. Our paralegal team pays special attention to every detail and handles multiple cases with excellence critical to our corporate clients’ success. To learn more about our corporate immigration services, please refer to our areas of practice.

I am excited to help people navigate a process that would allow them to live freely in a country that many aspire to thrive in.”

Peter Chong

Peter Chong is the corporate paralegal for Hogan & Vandenberg. His experience includes not only assisting clients with their needs but also performing administrative tasks in a variety of settings. Aside from his career background, his upbringing gives him the edge to understand that our clients’ stories matter. Growing up in a diverse community, and being his parents’ immigrants themselves, Peter knows the impact of immigration and sees the value of bringing different perspectives together. Peter earned a bachelor’s in Psychology from Swarthmore College and speaks English, basic Korean, and Spanish, and has a basic understanding of Swedish.

Photo of experienced corporate paralegal Romeo Luevano

Helping someone through such a complex process fuels my passion for a more accessible and just system.”

Romeo Luevano

Romeo built his academic experience cultivating community work. As an active member of minority-focused associations in college, he was able to bring students to reflect on their role as agents of change. Studying abroad in Israel/Palestine and Chile gave him a broader understanding of immigration in different countries. Romeo understands that our clients go through a long process in a complex system and is ready to help. Working as a paralegal on both family and employment-based cases, he speaks Spanish to support our diverse clientele.

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