Family Paralegals

Paralegals specializing in family-based cases, focus their time and resources to assist our managing partners with a wide range of immigration cases requiring a multitude of forms and interactions. The paralegals speak various languages to attend to our diverse clientele and ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident in the process and the outcome. To learn more about our family-based and individual immigration services, please refer to our areas of practice.

Giving families the opportunity to be reunited makes everything worth it.”

Yazmin Martinez-Romero

As an immigrant child herself, Yazmin encountered all the obstacles facing someone starting a new life. Now, with years of experience as a paralegal, she brings her skills and understanding to her community, helping Dreamers get their documentation and working with Naturalization and other family-based cases. Yazmin considers her job to be a personal cause: helping the Latin American community overcome challenges on the path to citizenship.

I am passionate about changing a person’s life in a positive, drastic way, and mark a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in their lives”

Ligia Reyes

Ligia is the family paralegal for the Philadelphia office of Hogan & Vandenberg. Ligia has been working with people from a very young age, working with her parents in their family business. From that point on, she invested in her career of helping clients. However, the turning point was when she and some relatives had the opportunity to straighten their immigration statuses. Seeing the commitment of the paralegal helping them made her realize she wanted to follow in her footsteps. Now she passes in her former paralegals’ footsteps, allowing her clients to go through this journey with ease and efficiency.

Working on my case made me interested in helping others with their immigration proceedings.”

Paola Camacho-Castillo

A native of Venezuela, Paola started her career working as an English professor. When she moved to the United States, her personal experience in the immigration process sparked her interest in learning more about immigrants facing challenging circumstances. Her paralegal work focuses on asylum and family-based cases. Paola’s goal is to help clients feel safe in the knowledge that they have legal immigration status.

Photo of experienced litigation paralegal MayconPinto

I hope to facilitate life for many others like me.”

Maycon Pinto

Maycon has experience with immigration not only as a paralegal but also as an immigrant himself. Having learned how to navigate this system at such a young age, he understands what is at stake every time an application is submitted, or a case is developed for court. As part of the family department, Maycon is an experienced paralegal assisting our attorneys with various tasks, ensuring that our clients have the best chance to succeed on their journey. Maycon is a graduate of Rowan University and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and basic French.

I am passionate about helping clients to navigate the complex immigration system to make them feel comfortable making decisions that will impact their lives.”

Maria Pinto Alvarez

Maria is a paralegal working for individual and family-based cases in our Wilmington office. With social work and customer service experience, she understands that our clients need answers that will help them to make educated decisions. As an immigrant, she knows that adequate counseling and accurate information are critical to success. Her goal is to assist clients and make them feel supported and safe to trust our firm. Maria has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and speaks English and Spanish.

David Muir

David is a paralegal working on both family-based and corporate cases at Hogan & Vandenberg. With previous experience in the environmental field, he has decided to invest in a new career that fits his academic background and personal goals to see the positive results of working on an immigration case. He understands the difficulties imposed upon immigrants trying to get status in the U.S. and feels joy when he is able to help build a strong case for our clients. David has a B.A. in History and a Paralegal proficiency certificate.

Jennifer Lagunas-Gutierrez

I am proud to be part of a team who shares my values and protects their client’s interests with precision and care”.

Rawan Ibrahim

Rawan is the family paralegal working for the Philadelphia office of Hogan & Vandenberg. During her academic career, she started to feel a need to help people in a more direct manner, which led her to specialize in the Arabic language and start an internship at Hogan & Vandenberg. During that time, she was able to not only gain knowledge of immigration law but also assist John with her own mother’s case. She knows the courage it takes to look for resources and is ready to assist our clients. Rawan has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Arabic. She speaks English and Arabic.

I am proud to assist others through the same journeys that shaped my personal history, and ultimately, shaped who I am today.”  ”

Victor Vieira Branco

Victor Vieira Branco is a Family paralegal at Hogan & Vandenberg. With many years of experience in translation work, both here and in Brazil, he knows how to navigate different cultures and challenges. He also has a background working as an ICE interpreter and being recognized for his excellence in that position. Son of Brazilian and Mexican immigrants, he understands what motivates our clients to move forward and succeed on their immigration journey. Victor graduated from EMESP Conservatory in Brazil and is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Photo of immigration paralegal Dayane Da Silva

“I love to help others fight for their rights.”

Dayane da Silva

Dayane decided early in life to use her skills to help people fighting for their rights. With Brazilian relatives, she sees the challenge of dealing with the immigration system since she was a child. Dayane started as an intern at Hogan & Vandenberg, and now she is working as a paralegal specializing in Deportation Defense and Naturalization cases. With more than a natural sensibility to deal with delicate cases, Dayane is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and ability in service of making our clients more comfortable sharing their stories. Additionally, Dayane is in law school, preparing to evolve in her career working with immigration law.

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