Individual Paralegals

Paralegals specializing in individual cases, or family-based paralegals, focus their time and resources to assist our managing partners with a wide range of immigration cases requiring a multitude of forms and interactions. The paralegals speak various languages to attend to our diverse clientele and ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident in the process and the outcome. To learn more about our family-based and individual immigration services, please refer to our areas of practice.

Giving families the opportunity to be reunited makes everything worth it.”

Yazmin Martinez-Romero

As an immigrant child herself, Yazmin encountered all the obstacles facing someone starting a new life. Now, with years of experience as a paralegal, she brings her skills and understanding to her community, helping Dreamers get their documentation and working with Naturalization and other family-based cases. Yazmin considers her job to be a personal cause: helping the Latin American community overcome challenges on the path to citizenship.

Working on my case made me interested in helping others with their immigration proceedings.”

Paola Camacho-Castillo

A native of Venezuela, Paola started her career working as an English professor. When she moved to the United States, her personal experience in the immigration process sparked her interest in learning more about immigrants facing challenging circumstances. Her paralegal work focuses on asylum and family-based cases. Paola’s goal is to help clients feel safe in the knowledge that they have legal immigration status.

I am passionate about helping clients to navigate the complex immigration system to make them feel comfortable making decisions that will impact their lives.”

Maria Pinto Alvarez

Maria is a paralegal working for individual and family-based cases in our Wilmington office. With social work and customer service experience, she understands that our clients need answers that will help them to make educated decisions. As an immigrant, she knows that adequate counseling and accurate information are critical to success. Her goal is to assist clients and make them feel supported and safe to trust our firm. Maria has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and speaks English and Spanish.

Jennifer Lagunas-Gutierrez

Karla Perez-Ortiz

I want to help make the complex immigration system as accessible and just as possible.”

Maddelyn Guerke

Maddelyn Guerke is part of our team of paralegals working on family-based cases. With experience in criminal and immigration law, she worked in projects that assist inmates and dedicated her time to extensive research about the impact of migration to the U.S., especially from El Salvador and Honduras. Moreover, her experience abroad in several Spanish-speaking countries provided her with a rich perspective on what leads people to emigrate. She knows immigration goes beyond the policy; it is about people’s lives. Maddelyn has a major from St. Joseph’s University with a double major in International Relations and Spanish, and a minor in Latin American studies, being the recipient of several awards, including the International Relations Award, the St. Joseph University Student Senate Award, and the Maria del Carmen Faccini Award, among others. Maddelyn speaks English and Spanish.

I want to help people strive for a better life in America.”

Garry Voltaire

Garry is one of the paralegals responsible for individual and family-based cases at Hogan & Vandenberg. With experience in a wide range of industries and a diverse set of skills, he is a reliable and competent professional to assist our clients whenever they need it. Son of immigrants, Garry understands what is at stake for our clients and how to keep you prepared for the immigration journey. Garry holds a bachelor’s in political science and is fluent in English and French.

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