Обновленная информация о Президентской Прокламации (декларации) от 22 апреля о приостановлении въезда иммигрантов

May 5 2020

Как вы все уже знаете, президент Трамп подписал Президентскую Прокламацию, согласно которой 23 апреля в 23:59 было приостановлено въезд в Соединенные Штаты определенных категорий...

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Update on the April 22 Presidential Proclamation Suspending Entry of Immigrants

Apr 24 2020

So what does the Proclamation mean for you . . . ? As in many things in life, some immigrants were lucky, some...

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DACA is Dying: What You Need to Know

Sep 11 2017

By W. John Vandenberg It hurts to write this title.  But we also need to be honest about where we are now.  Because DACA...

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New Rules for Life Under the Trump Administration

Jan 28 2017

by W. John Yahya Vandenberg So, as you know, President Trump is rapidly issuing Executive Orders. Some of these orders are having major impacts...

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DACA – It’s time to have a talk about Life Under the Trump Administration.

Nov 17 2016

President-elect Trump has said he will end Obama's "Executive Actions" -- and DACA is an Executive Action.

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The Day After Trump, For Immigrants

Nov 9 2016

Trump's election is likely going to change a lot of things, especially for immigrants, and most certainly for undocumented immigrants.

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3 Year DACA Work Card? You gotta give it back….

Jul 9 2015

"You must return your 3 year work card by July 17, 2015."

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Syrian Asylum Statistics – Who Knew? And What Now?

Jun 1 2015

By W. John Yahya Vandenberg USCIS has published the most recent asylum statistics, and you can see the Syrian asylum statistics as of May 2015 (thank...

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It is finished….

May 4 2015

By W. John Vandenberg It’s finished for this year, folks.  USCIS announced that they have completed data entry for all H-1B petitions received for...

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Missing Tara O’Connor, a Great Immigration Lawyer

Feb 2 2015

by W. John Vandenberg I miss Tara O’Connor. We lost a great Immigration Lawyer this year. Tara was one of my first role models...

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Philadelphia and New Jersey USCIS Office CLOSED on January 27, 2015

Jan 26 2015

The USCIS District Offices and Application Support Centers in Philadelphia, Mt. Laurel, and Newark will be CLOSED on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Everyone needs...

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HIV+? Wait here, please….

Jan 23 2015

in March of 2014, the CDC decided that persons with HIV must get a special TB test.

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